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1 in 5 People Have Made a Financial Decision Based on Their Horoscope

Have you ever made a financial decision based on your HOROSCOPE? Apparently, 1 in 5 Americans say they have.

Less than 4% of Baby Boomers said they've made money decisions based on astrology.

30% of Millennials, 24% of  Gen Zers and 18% of Gen Xers say they have.

The top financial decisions we make based on our horoscope are: 

  • Deciding to save money
  • Splurging on something we want
  • Buying and selling stocks
  • Changing jobs
  • Negotiating our salary.

People were also asked which Zodiac signs are the best and worst with money. 

Capricorns were rated as being the best with money overall and Geminis ranked last. But ACTUAL stats showed the opposite might be true.

Analysts went through 90,000 credit reports to find the average credit score for each sign. Capricorns had the second-LOWEST score and Geminis had the second-HIGHEST. Tauruses ranked first overall, and Sagittarius ranked last. 

Source: Lending Tree

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