The Menu Items You Want To Avoid According To Fast Food Workers

Fast food workers working in a hamburger restaurant

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Whenever you order fast food you know that there are some "hits and misses" when it comes to certain items on the menu and thanks to a new thread on Reddit we now know what actually are the menu items you want to AVOID according to the people that work there!

Reddit user u/Skylion72 wanted to ask other fast food employees about the menu items they actually tell people to avoid ordering from their location and some of the items are kind of surprising. We fathered some of the most common responses below and maybe find an alternative to eat if they are your go-to!

  1. Decaf Coffee at Burger King - Apparently none of the decaf is actually brewed, instead you’re drinking watered down regular coffee
  2. Waffle House Grits - Word is, these sit for hours
  3. Cupcakes/Coffee Cakes at Panera - They come frozen. On the other hand, sandwiches and salads do have real ingredients and are usually fresh.
  4. Shrimp Entrees from Panda Express - They purposely use a smaller serving spoon to make it appear like you're getting a lot of food.
  5. Anything mocha from Starbucks - The worker was vague but mentioned, “it’s absurdly unhealthy and disgusting to work with.”
  6. Chicken salad sandwich from Chick-Fil-A - Once a chicken’s “hold time” is up, workers de-bread it and toss it in the chicken salad.

You can read more of the responses below!

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