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What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Sex Life

Have you ever wondered if there was any meaning behind the way you and your partner sleep at night?well, it turns out that the position you sleep in can actually reveal a lot about your sex life. It can can say a lot about the kind of relationship they have and how they really feel about each other.

Sleep expert Anne Marie Boyan explained what these different positions mean.


It signifies protectiveness, trust and that the couple is comfortable in the relationship.

Back kissers

(sleeping back-to-back. Backs and butts are touching. )

Marie said, quote, “This position means that you have a connection but at the same time, appreciate your own space in bed."

The nuzzle or the snuggle

(one person on their back, the other snuggled up with their head on their partner's chest)

This is a sign of a nurturing relationship with companionship.

The sleep on their stomach couple

Marie said sleeping on your stomach is also a sign of protection of the front of the body. This could indicate vulnerability, lack of control or anxiety and that there is a lack of sexual trust in a relationship.

The unraveling knot

(fall asleep touching but then unravel towards their own side of the bed)

Marie said this is “the best of both worlds.” It means intimacy and independence and is a sign of a couple who have been together a while and who are very comfortable with each other.

Liberty lovers

(back to back but not touching)

Boyan said: “This indicates security and connection and that each person enjoys their independence but loves reuniting to share their day with each other. 

“It’s quite a common position for established couples.”


(fall asleep entangled in each other.)

Marie explained it means that you can’t bear to be separated from each other and indicates intimacy and dependence.

The space hog

(one of you spreads out and takes over the bed) 

Marie said: “This could be a sign of dominance in the relationship and that the other person is somewhat dismissive. 

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