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Man Gets Text From Tinder Date's Mom Insisting They Get Married.

The crazy doesn't fall too far from the tree with this story. WHEW.

A man on tinder shared the story of a Tinder date's MOM texting him insisting that he marry her son.... AFTER ONE DATE and not a very good date from the sounds of it.

The initial text message says:

"You took my son on a date a couple of weeks ago and told him that you two are not compatible.I must say I was quite devastated when my son returned home from the outing and was not engaged to the man that he loves so I am reaching out to you to request that you enter into a relationship with my son and immediately begin planning a wedding of which will be paid 50/50 between the two families."

Which honestly is insane, but it doesn't stop there. The woman also said "He has pictures of you already in his room and wants to marry you as soon as possible." And told The man they would be coming to his work to discuss things in person and quote "present you with a ring that we have purchased."

Oh, and apparently this isn't the first time this has happened with this mom. She's actually on probation for a similar incident with her daughter. Yikes.


Turns out the mom wasn't the one texting, it was the son who was mad about the date! Watch this update:

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