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Former Hotel Worker Shares Four Things You Should Never Use In Your Room

A former hotel employee has revealed the four things you should NEVER use in a hotel room. And just a warning, these things are disgusting.

1.) NEVER use the coffee machine in a hotel room. Apparently some people like to use it as a urinal. EW.

2.) Do not use the really glasses in the bathrooms-- Apparently the only get wiped down with windex, not actually cleaned.

3.) always wear socks or slippers in the room-- apparently the floors are never washed. Gross

4.) Don't use the ice bucket, unless theres a plastic liner in it-- People like to use them as... well, toilets.

5.) Don't use the top cover on the bed.

6.) Bring Flip flops--- apparently it's common for people to poop in the shower.

7.) Check the bed for bed bugs.

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