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Man Went On Date With Dog's Previous Owner After Matching On Tinder

Is this the plot to a Hallmark movie??

A man (JimNo on Twitter) posted about taking his dog's previous owner on a date after matching with her on Tinder. They discovered they owned the same dog after talking about his name.

During their conversation his date said: “Just throwing it out there, my lab was called Onyx too. Weird.”

Turns out, in 2018 when she was 17 the dog was put up for adoption. She said, "don’t think I’ve been so upset in my whole life, he was the best.”

It was not her choice to put him up for adoption. Luckily, fate would bring them back together.

After she told the story, JimNo replied, “I’ve only had Onyx that long...”

Twitter basically wants them to get married.

Even if this doesn't end up being the romance story of two people falling in love, it definitely is a sweet tale of an owner getting to reunite with her dog.

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