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Things Hotel Employees Wish You'd Stop Doing.

A hotel employee made a list of things they WISHED guests would stop doing. Some of this seems like common sense, but apparently it needs to be said.

1.) Don't act surprised when we don't have the same amenities and menus as the property you stayed at in another city- Hotels try to be consistent across their brand, but some things can be offered in place and not others.

What you can do: Look at menus and amenities before your trip.

2.) Incidental holds are a universal practice — don't debate us on this- Hotels put a card on file w/ an extra dollar amount as a hold at every hotel, it's to cover things like charging room service to your tab or to pay for any damages you leave behind. If not needed, the money goes back to your card.

3.) The rate you booked online is the same rate on my screen, and believe it or not, it's the same one you'll be paying- showing a lower rate you found online doesn't help you get a cheaper deal. The rate on their screen is the lowest they can go & they can't verify the screenshot you're showing them.

What you can do: If you want a discount look into rewards options like AAA, AARP even hotel rewards.

4.) There is no reason to announce your elite status — I have it right in front of me- They already know your coming and have applied any freebies they can to upgrade you. Bragging about your status isn't going to get you anything extra.

5.) Yes, the gas station sells the same snacks we have for cheaper, no, you don't need to tell us- Yes they know the prices on snacks are ridiculous, you don't have to tell them.

6.) If you choose to smoke in the rooms we will find you and we will charge you- this one also goes back to #2 and why they put a hold on your card for incidents. You can't hide the fact that you smoked in your room, no matter how hard you try & you will be charged for the cleaning of it.

7.) Plan ahead if you want to arrive early — simply popping in is a recipe for failure - If you want to show up early, CALL and make sure they have a room ready for you or they can at least try to get one ready before you arrive. They are on a schedule & if they were full the night before the room might not be ready if you just show up before your designated check-in time.

8.) Don't complain about 'missing' room features when the information was available online- Again, see #1, look online for room features.

9.) The best way to get a late checkout is by asking for permission, not forgiveness- See #7, the same rule applies. ASK for a late checkout, if they can accommodate you they will. Staying later than expected without talking to them is a major inconvenience that can result in you being locked out of your room or put you at risk for extra charges.

Source: Insider

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