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What Your Pets Zodiac Sign Says About Them

Have you ever read about your zodiac sign and thought "Oh yes, That's totally me"? Well apparently you can do it for your pets too!

VCA Hospital put out a list describing what your pets astrological sign says about them. Here's a quick break down of each sign:

Aquarius: They make the most creative and can turn anything into a toy.

Pisces: They are very in touch with their emotions—and yours!

Aries: They’re always on the move and are quite active.

Taurus: They are a little boujee. They like the finer things in life, like luxury food & beds.

Gemini: They are super active but needs space to recuperate and be by themselves.

Cancer: They are known for their intuition and emotional intelligence and are very loyal.

Leo: They are natural-born leaders and are fiercely loyal.

Virgo: They are devoted companions and will be very vocal about their love for you!

Libra: They are gentle, sensitive and intuitive.

Scorpio:They are passionate and spunky.

Sagittarius: They are naturally curious, super lovable and affectionate.

Capricorn: They make the best protectors.

SOURCE: VCA Hospital

Does this sound right for your pet?

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