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How to Remove Your Ex From your Digital Life.

Break ups are never fun, but having to deal with the digital aspect of a break up can be tedious and annoying. It always seems like you finally start feeling better and somehow, someway they pop back up on your social media.

Here's how you can scrub your ex from your digital life.

1.) Block or Unfollow Them- This may seem dramatic, but with the way algorithms work, social media is used to you and your ex interacting so they are more likely to pop up. Also, keep in mind if you search for them the algorithm will think you want to see them more.

2.) Audit your social media and other accounts- Digital lifestyle expert Kim Komando recommends changing your passwords to any accounts if there's even just a chance your ex has them. This includes: Netflix, Social media, emails, iCloud, etc.

Kim also recommends changing your security questions because they know basic information about you.

3.) Check your smart home devices- Change the password to your router and check the access to smart devices. These devices can be accessed remotely.

4.) Wipe memories from your devices- The "hide" feature will be your best friend. iPhone's iOS 14 has a "suggest fewer memories like this" feature that can help you see less of an ex.

Google Photos has similar functions where you can hide people, pets and even dates (so anniversaries won't pop up). In the Photos app, tap on your profile photo > go to Photo Settings > choose Memories > Tap "Hide people & pets" > choose who you'd like to hide.

Facebook even have a hide feature so you can hide people and dates on the Memories Page. On the left side of the page you will see "Hidden People" and "Hidden Dates," You can tap each section and add what you don't want to see.

Source: Mashable

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