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Man Accidentally Drank Wax After Thinking It was Water. WHAT?!

A man drank candle wax on accident thinking it was water. To be honest, not much about this story makes sense, but let it be a cautionary tale to:

1.) Not leave candles lit or on a warmer when you are sleeping

2.) Don't have candles by your bedside, ever.

A man said that he woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and reached over to his bedside table to take a sip of water. We've all been there, but this guy said he doesn't usually keep water on his bedside table. It's usually on the floor.

The man says he grabbed the first thing he put his hands on, which happened to be a candle, sitting on a warmer, and poured the liquid within into his mouth. Ouch.

Here's what he wrote on Reddit:


First of all, even in a sleepy state, if you don't normally keep water on your bedside table then what were you reaching for, sir?? And second, in order for the wax to be in a liquid state to drink the candle had to be hot. Wouldn't you feel the heat??

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