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Do You Hate The Way You look In Photos?? Here's Why!

Let's honest, we are all a little too critical of the way we look in pictures. But there may be a scientific reason for why you hate the way you look in every picture! It's not your fault.

1.) Your Brain is Tricking You Into Disliking What You See

Two psychological phenomenons are happening when you see your picture. One, we think we're hotter than we actually are. Which sounds harsh, but it's called self-enhancement bias. The second, is called the "mere-exposure hypothesis" which basically means out brains have gotten comfortable seeing ourselves from certain angles. So when these photos aren't using our usually angles, we think they're the horrible when we see them.

2.) You're Not A Professional

You're not a professional model with years of experience posing & finding the best angles. BUT you can practice finding your best angles in the mirror so when the camera comes out you're ready.

3.) Your Cameraperson Isn't Hyping you Up Enough!

During photoshoots, the photographer is HYPING the model up, giving them direction, telling them they look fabulous or to "hold that pose." They know what makes a picture look good. If the person taking your pic doesn't know what makes a good picture, they might not get a good picture.

I'm imagining Austin Powers during the photoshoot scene:

4.) Commit to Looking Hot

Do not half-ass your pose, it can make or break the photo. Work that confidence and keep in mind that it's not just the posing that makes a great photo.

Source: Vice

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