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There's A Correct Order to Brush your teeth, Floss & Use Mouthwash

Did you know there is specific order you should do your dental routine? I think most people brush, floss, then rinse with mouthwash.

According to dentists, we should: rinse with mouthwash, floss, brush and then scrap or brush the tongue.

1.) Rinse with mouthwash

Many people rinse as the LAST step in their routine, but dentists recommend you do it first.

New York City dentist, Rob Raimondi told Allure, quote, "When we are sleeping, our salivary glands stop secreting saliva, and opportunistic aerobic bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities increase their activity." Mouthwash can take care of that.

Dr. Anna Peterson, a London-based dentist, explained on Tiktok why you should never use mouthwash after you brush.

2.) Floss

Yup, you're supposed to floss before you brush your teeth. The reason is that flossing helps give your toothbrush better access in between your teeth, which in turns gives you a better clean.

3.) Brush

We all know this one. Brush for 2 minutes in a circular motion. Dentists also say you shouldn't brush too hard and make sure to tilt your toothbrush to a 45-degree angle to the gum.

For toothpastes, dentists recommend staying away from whitening and charcoal toothpastes. Instead, stick with the fluoride formulas.

4.) Scrape Your Tongue

Whether you brush your tongue or use a scrapper this final step can help stop bad breath. London-based periodontist, Reena Wadia told Allure, quote, "The Tongue is made up of lots of little crypts, which can harbor bacteria and debris."

Source: Allure

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