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Couple Allegedly Offers Wedding Guests Better Food based on Gift.

Weddings are expensive, we get it. But basing a weddings guests dinner on how much they spend on a wedding gift seems a little cringey.

On Reddit, a picture of an RSVP ticket showed that guests could choses thier meals based on how much they planned on spending on a gift. The more expensive the gift, the better the food choices.

Here's how the tiers worked:

"Loving Gift:" up to $250 includes meals like roasted chicken and swordfish.

"Silver Gift:" between $251 to $500, included options like sliced steak and poached salmon.

"Golden Gift:" between $501 to $1,000, upgraded meals to filet mignon and lobster tails.

"Platinum Gift:" between $1,001 to $2,500, allegedly offered two-pound lobsters and a souvenir champagne goblet.

There was also a vegetarian & Kosher options with the "Platinum Gift" option only.

SOURCE: r/Wedding

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