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Match Your To-Do List Style With Your Zodiac Sign.

Our to-do lists seems to be never ending these days, but with these tips you can transform your to-do list into something that matches what you need, according to your sign.


Here's a little recap for each style:

Virgo, Scorpio & Capricorn: Make a Do-Less List

Chances are you will do whatever you put on your to-do list, but this tip is about learning to do less. Learn to delegate and take time to rest.

Taurus, Cancer & Libra: Make a Do-For-You List

Don't neglect yourself! Make sure you carve out some "Me time." Drop a few things from your list that you don't need to do, or can delegate & add in something just for you.

Aries, Gemini & Leo: Make a Ta-Da! List:

What's a ta-da list? A ta-da! list includes all the things you've completed recently- big or small. Seeing all you've accomplished can motivate you to get other things done.

Saggittarius, Aquarius, Pices: Make a To-Be List

"To-do" lists probably aren't your thing. Instead of looking at the small, mundane things that need to get done, make a list of what you want to be. what you want to manifest. Always look at the big picture and how those smaller tasks can lead up to your ultimate goal.


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