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The Best Topping for Strawberries is... Parmesan Cheese??

Ok this is a weird one. Usually when I think of having strawberries as a snack I'm going to sprinkle some sugar on top, maybe dip them in some chocolate or just devour them plain. They're delicious and don't need much to enhance the flavor, right?


According to an expert the best best topping to put on top of your strawberries is... PARMESAN CHEESE?!?!

Yeah, I have questions too. According to one berry breeder, Lucy Slatter, parmesan cheese goes perfectly with strawberries. Lucy said, quote, "It may seem a little eccentric to top strawberries with parmesan cheese and pass on the cream, but if you're adventurous enough to give it a go, you won't regret it."

I can get behind strawberries and parmesan cheese in a SALAD, but on their own? I think I'll pass. Would you try this weird food combo?

Lucy also says there are other interesting combos for strawberries including chilli and crab.

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