This Is Why “The Bachelorette” Always Wears A Sparkly Dress The First Night

Have you ever noticed that every first night of The Bachelorette has the leading lady wearing a sparkly dress? Turns out it's on purpose!

Thanks to the show's longtime stylist, we now know the main reason why this trend has happened for the past 17 seasons is because sparkly dresses are easier to be kept clean over the course of filming the first night.

Apparently, the driveway that every contestant makes their entrance on is sprayed with water to look better on camera and the dress can get dirty over the course of the night.

The sequins of the dress dry easier and there is usually netting with the dress to also be quickly-washed and dried in about fifteen minutes.

You can see this season's Katie Thurston in her shiny dress below as well as ALL the entrances from this season's contestants!


Photo Credit: ABC

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