Ten Signs That Reveal Your Date Is Attracted To You

Sweet couple having a romantic dinner

Photo: Getty Images

Now that the world is slowly going back to normal, or at least post-pandemic normal, you're probably a little rusty when it comes to in-person dates! Don't worry though because there's actually a few signs you can look for to tell you if your date is vibing with you or not!

A group of body language experts came together to list the common body language identifiers that indicate if someone is into you when you're with them and they'll definitely save you some heartbreak at the end of the night.

Here are the ten things they say to look out for:

  • Eye Contact - If someone likes you they will maintain eye contact
  • Breathing - If your date is breathing quickly it usually means they are excited to be with you
  • Arms - Crossed arms are usually a sign of being defensive
  • Hips - If your date isn't turning their body to face you then they probably aren't into you.
  • Walking - If they walk at the same pace as you then they are vibing with you
  • Back - If they turn away to message people then they don't feel comfortable with you
  • Hair - Touching your hair means they are into you or they have something in their hair.
  • Teeth - If they don't show their teeth when smiling then obviously they aren't happy
  • Laughter - If they're not laughing then you're probably telling bad jokes
  • Physical Contact - A comforting hand or hand-holding is an obvious sign of affection.