Riley's Fav TikTok Accounts To Watch

This girl give us all a quick fix for those of us that haven't been able to travel since the pandemic. She lives in Japan and shows us how much things cost compared to the US, tried all kinds of food from local convenient stores and tries Japanese beauty products. For some odd reason I find her page so soothing.

This lady is one of my all time favorites. She overcame an eating disorder and uses her page as a platform or safe space for people who have or had the same struggles. She's so cute and positive and I love that she tries all the different combos her followers suggest in the comments.

Ok so it's a little evil of me that I live this page so much. But to be fair all the post are submitted by the people in the videos so they must be ok with people getting a kick out of their embarrassing moments getting caught on a doorcam.

This couple is adorable and their love language is pranking each other in THE WORST ways. As cute as I think they are Marshall would die if he tried some of this stuff on me.

My obsession with Gabi Butler since watching "Cheer" on Netflix continues.....