DC's New 771 Area Code Will Arrive In November

Get ready to learn a new area code if you live in DC because The District will officially add its second area code starting on November 9th.

Starting in November, if you happen to buy a new phone or start a new phone service and live in DC you will no longer be given a 202 area code, but instead be given 771 as your area code.

DC has used the 202 area code since 1947, but The District is projected to run out of new phone numbers in 2022, which is why they have added the new area code.

The 771 area code is not assigned to any specific area and you will get to keep your 202 area code as long as you are on your same phone plan, so plan accordingly to have the OG DC pride!!

To learn more about the change you can go HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images