This Tattoo Studio Offers Tattoos That Disappear After A Year

Have you gotten a tattoo and instantly regretted it? If so, then you might want to head to this tattoo studio that somehow offers tattoos that disappear after a year!

Ephemeral Tattoo opens in New York on March 25th and they are advertising that they have found a method to give you a real tattoo that will begin to fade away after a year.

The studio's "made-to-fade" ink only lasts on your skin for somewhere between 9-15 months because, unlike other tattoos, the ink can easily be broken down by your body.

As of right now you can only get black ink tattoos starting at $175, but this might the start of everyone trying out a tattoo because if you're not planning on seeing your relatives anytime soon then why not!?

You can learn more about Ephemeral Tattoo's process below!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images