New Study Claims 1 In 3 Drivers Have Junk Sitting In Their Cars

We don't blame you for having a messy or dirty car this time of year because of the snow, but a new survey finds that almost 31% of Americans have a TON of junk sitting in the back of their car!

The survey was conducted by OnePoll and found that 35% of drivers don't know how often they should clean their car and that most people usually wait until someone says something specifically about their car.

Over half the poll (53%) spilled a drink on the floor or upholstery of their car and most of the time it is because the driver forgot the lid wasn't on the entire way.

We give you a pass because of all the salt and snow on the road, but when things start to clear up let's go through a car wash!

To learn more from the study you can go HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images