He Had Expensive Wine In His Fridge! - War Of The Roses

Cassie and Jordan have been dating long-distanced for about a year after Cassie moved to Syracuse six months ago. Cassie got a dream job up in Syracuse and they both agreed they would try long-distance and so far it’s worked. At the beginning of long distance they would travel all the time to see each other. However, Jordan has started to become distanced for the past few months. Jordan has avoided visiting Cassie in Syracuse and the last time Cassie was at Jordan’s place she noticed an open bottle of expensive wine in his fridge even though Jordan hates wine. Cassie also noticed that sample-sized shampoo bottles would pop up in Jordan’s place when she visited.

We call Jordan pretending to send him a free bouquet of flowers and when we ask as to who he wants to send the flowers to Jordan asks if they can be sent to his “extracurricular” named Sophia. Find out what’s going on in today’s all NEW War Of The Roses!