Bark Potty Is The New Bathroom Pad You NEED For Your Dog

We can ALL agree that 2020 and now 2021 have completely altered our normal routines, especially for everyone working from home, and if you haven't realized it yet it has also affected our dogs!

Not only are more of us home all the time, but our dogs now expect us to be around 24/7, which might have altered their bathroom breaks, which is why Bark Potty is here to save the day!

Bark Potty is essentially a revamped 2.0 version of the pee pads we all used to initially train our dogs or if they had any accidents, but is even better because it's made of real bark and like-real grass and also contains the natural smells that compels your dog to "go."

The even greater thing is that one Bark Potty pad is good for sixty uses thanks to its "organic recycling system" so you won't have to worry about the furry member in your family holding their bladder waiting for you to finish a work Zoom call.

To learn more about Bark Potty and sign up for your own monthly subscription of pads you can go HERE and if you don't trust our word, then look at these happy furry customers!

Photo Credit: Bark Potty

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