This New Video Game Promotes ‘Poop Health" For Users

Businessman using public bathroom

Businessman using public bathroom

All of us here at Your Morning Show care about your personal health, which is why you HAVE to download this new app that promotes "poop health" with the characters in the game.

A new Japanese app called Unkore just released that tells people about life-saving digestive health measures by animating intestinal bacteria as attractive Anime characters.

Apparently “Unkore” is a mashup of the word unko, meaning “poop,” and kore, or “collection” and the game was developed as part of a public-health campaign in Japan to promote colorectal cancer awareness.

The free game is set in the fictional kingdom of Untopia, which players must defend with the help of anthropomorphic intestinal bacteria and even lets users log details of their own bowel movements, such as color, shape and frequency.

You can check out the game below and at least it gives you something to do on the toilet besides looking at Tik Tok!


Photo Credit: Getty Images