This TikToker Went Viral Because of Her Noisy Pleather Pants

You never know what your next viral post will consist of, and thanks to TikTok it’s brought light to all things good or bad.

A 19-year-old TikToker from New York went viral for sharing some insider information into a pair of pleather pants that fashion store Zara is selling. And while it's not a great review, everyone wants to buy them now.

The video works as a warning to those who may find themselves toying with the idea of purchasing this particular pair of pleather pants. It just happens that if you squat while wearing the pants, it makes a similar sound to someone passing gas.

Since making the video with intentions of warning her followers that the pants could possibly result in embarrassment, it has blown up with over 2 million views and the only concern people have is where they can get these pants from?!