Daughter Writes Hilarious Note Asking Mom To Stay Home From School

If I received this note as a mom, I might be convinced to let my little stay home from school but this mom did not budge at all.

Mom Danielle Joyce recently shared the handwritten note her nine-year-old daughter Olivia left for her in an attempt to convince mom to let her stay home from school.

Olivia wrote that she didn’t want to be woken because she was tired, and gave her mother a script advising her what to tell the school.

Olivia also tried to butter up mom saying that by staying home she could have more time with her, it didn’t work, but social media was totally impressed.

The Note Read:

“Hi mum it's Olivia. I just wanted to tell you dont wake me up I am realy tired!,” the note read. “Pls say to the office: 'Hi it's Olivia's mum she has a high tempreture and she says she feels dissy and sick...,” adding, "Please at least I can spend some time with you :) I love you xxx PLEASE JUST FOR ME! xxx PS - your lovely daughter Olivia."