This Company Gets Paid To Professionally "Break Up" Relationships

Unrecognizable Girl Tearing Apart Photo Of Happy Couple Indoor, Cropped

This Japanese company might be on to something because there's an actual service where "professional agents" are hired to help destroy and break up a relationship!

They're called "Wakaresaseya," which translates to "breaker-uppers," and are hired to do whatever it takes to end someone in a bad relationship and cater to both married people seeking a reason to leave their spouse, and people who know about their partner’s infidelity and want to end it without getting involved.

Prices reportedly vary from a couple of hundred dollars for simple cases, to upwards of $150,000 for high-profile cases where discretion is of the upmost importance.

Many wakaresaseya agencies boast a success rate of 95%, but you have to feel bad for 5% of cases that didn't lead to a successful outcome because you know they have a very toxic relationship!

(Oddity Central)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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