An Influencer Is Looking For A 24/7 On-Call Personal Assistant

Being an influencer might be one of the biggest dream jobs to have, but apparently that amount of influence might have gone to someone's head because they are looking for a part-time 24/7 on-call personal assistant!

An anonymous “well-known celebrity/influencer with 10+ million followers” on YouTube recently posted an ad for an assistant and it’s getting roasted on social media because of what it asks for for only a part-time job.

The influencer was looking for an “organized/available/diligent personal assistant,” with qualities including: 

  • Be “on property around 8 hours a day cleaning, cooking, communicating with producer/videographer/editor/manager’/all stylists/cleaning services/other celebrities/friends.”
  • You will have to answer your phone/be on call almost 24/7.
  • You must keep all emotional/private matters away from this world.
  • You must be able to remain calm, rational and hardworking at all time
  • You must be able to be the bad guy, remove emotion, handle intense conversations and bounce back instantly from any mistakes without emotion.
  • You must remain sober yet social and inviting in very high profile environments.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Wake the client each day with schedule, coffee and all other requests
  • Managing, analyzing and reporting all social media posting and performance
  • Constantly be letting maids/make up artists/editors/stylists/ etc. enter home or office.
  • Organize and pack/unpack clients bags constantly.

Would you apply for this job? I think we're going to pass on this opportunity for now...

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images