This New Job Will Pay Meat-Lovers To Go Vegan For 30 Days

grilled beef steaks

grilled beef steaks

If you have been wanting to change your diet for a while, but didn't have the incentive, then now is your time because a job in the UK will pay you to go vegan for 30 days!

Research agency called VeganLiftz is paying three different people $2,600 to go from eating meat every day to eating strictly vegan for a month and then keeping a journal of their thoughts and emotions through it all.

Now the only catch is that you do have to live in the UK and be from Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool or London, but if selected the three candidates will each have a vegan diet plan to refer to through the month, and then must do a remote health and fitness check, both before and after.

They will also have to have photos of themselves to see any visible changes that have happened to their body.

Even though you can't do it in the US, if you know someone in the UK that needs some extra money then tell them to apply HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images