This Boyfriend Bought His GF A Cake After Her "First Fart"

Happy man holding birthday cake with sparklers

Happy man holding birthday cake with sparklers

Sometime you have to celebrate the tiny victories in your life like this Australian couple who got a cake for when the first time the girlfriend farted in front of her partner!

Farting in front of your partner is a time-honored tradition that symbolizes you feel comfortable with the other person and it's almost on par with saying "I Love You," which is why this boyfriend wanted to buy a cake to celebrate the milestone.

Apparently they had been dating for THREE YEARS before the girlfriend finally ripped one near her man!

The boyfriend had joked early in their relationship that he'd buy her a "treat" when she cut one loose so he ended up dropping $40 on a cheesecake with "Took You 3 Years - Congratulations For Finally Farting" written on it!

How long did you wait before you passed the "Fart Milestone" in your relationship?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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