Bride Gets Mad When Bridesmaid Gets A Pixie Haircut Before Wedding

It seems there’s always a bride making the news for freaking out about something and today we bring you the story of a bride who turned into a bridezilla after one of her bridesmaids cut her hair before the wedding. It seems the bridesmaid chopped her long locks into a pixie cut a few months before the nuptials and the bride was not happy.

The bridesmaid shared the ordeal in a post, revealing the haircut almost ended their friendship. She says it’s her sister-in-law who’s getting married in June and that she’s been kind, but “picky and strict” during the wedding planning, but she says the bride deserves to be because “it’s her wedding.”

The problem started when bridesmaid “got tired of” her long hair, which she had been growing out for years. She had her hair cut short, in a pixie style, explaining that she had to snip her long hair - which was past her butt - so short because she was donating it to an organization that makes free wigs for kids with cancer and alopecia. She donated 48-inches of hair! And she says she absolutely loves it short. But the bride? Not so much!

When bride saw a photo of the new ‘do on Instagram, she texted bridesmaid to tell her she “should have asked before” cutting her hair! Bride told her she didn’t think it would match her “extremely feminine designs/decorations” and that now she’ll stand out from the other women in the bridal party who have long hair. The bridesmaid was looking for advice and people were happy to share it. Most commenters were supportive and reminded her that it’s her hair and she can do what she wants with it. And in an update, the bridesmaid says the bride later admitted she did overreact and now actually “loves” the haircut.


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