Benefits You Can Negotiate For at Your New Job!

It's a new year which means you hopefully have the energy and drive  to get that money from your work! 

While you're hopefully trying to get a bigger salary there are some other perks that you should try to negotiate with your boss when you both sit down. Here are some of the essentials:

  • More vacation time: Instead of getting a bigger salary just ask for more paid vacation.
  • Work from home days: If your job allows it, ask for days you can work from home and not have to deal with traffic.
  • Commuter subsidies: If you use public transit ask if your work can start paying for those fees.
  • Flexible schedules: Ask if you can start a little later or go home earlier in the day on some days.
  • Health and wellness benefits: If you go to the gym or go to a therapist ask if you can get reimbursed for the wellness activities.
  • Work devices: Ask if you can have a designated work computer, phone, or other device so you have an escape from work.
  • Professional development: If they won't pay you know then ask to take professional development classes so they have no reason to refuse you the next time for a raise!


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