Choosing What To Wear Is Stressing People Out!

Going out for a nice meal with friends or your boo is supposed to be fun, but, according to a new poll, it’s leaving a lot of people stressed, specifically over what to wear.

According to a new survey, 65% of people feel stressed when trying to pick out an outfit to wear for a night out at a restaurant, with a third saying it’s harder to choose an outfit than a restaurant.

Picking an outfit is so hard 46% say they will stare at their closet for a long time trying to decide what to wear, while 46% will try on more than half their clothes looking for the right outfit. And then there are those who’ll ask for help, with 47% saying they will seek advice from a friend as to what they should wear. 

But even though they may not know what to wear, a lot of people are in agreement as to whatNOTto wear. The worst thing to wear to a restaurant, according to those surveyed, is flip-flops (38%), followed by: 

  • Sandals (34%)
  • Sweatpants (32%)
  • Shorts (30%)
  • Hat (29%)
  • Tank top (28%)
  • Leggings (28%)
  • Cargo pants (28%)
  • Overalls (28%)
  • T-shirt (26%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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