This Engaged Couple Discover They Were Born Next To Each Other

The new trend on TikTok where people talk about their craziest coincidence has definitely taken the internet by a storm. This couple’s story is one in a million as Courtney Mahnken openly talks about how her boyfriend at 14, was actually her nursery mate in the hospital that they were born in ages ago.

The couple is less than 24 hours apart and with both of their last name starting with the initial “M” it was destined to be from the start. After the mom’s met and talked about their birth stories, they soon discovered that he was the “big fat baby” that Courtney was next too in the hospital nurseries.

They started dating in their early teens and broke up in high school, before reconnecting and attending the same college. The couple is now slated to get married in June 2022 after getting recently engaged in November 2020. Talk about destined to be!


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