Woman Pretends To Be Doctor To Shame Man Who Sent Unsolicited Penis Pic

No woman wants to receive an unsolicited penis shot from a man, yet guys keep sending them. Well, one woman had quite the response to one man’s crotch shot, and hopefully it made him learn his lesson.

Becky Holmes, shared that she was recently sent an unsolicited penis pic from a man, one of many random genital photos she’s been sent since joining Twitter in August. But instead of just being shocked and outraged, she did something about it.

Becky says this photo was of a "tiny shriveled insignificant penis," and was followed by a string of rude messages "complimenting" her lips. She decided to fight back, and opted to use a “medical” approach, claiming she was a doctor and worried about his schlong.

She noted some “issues” she saw, and pointed out some concerning "yellowing jaundice" in his pubic area. After going back and forth about a mole, she warned him that his manhood may “turn black and wither." But that’s not all. She went so far as to write out a fake “prescription" for him, demanding he stop sending unsolicited pictures to women again. She then wished him a Merry Christmas and reported him to the social media site.

(The Sun)