These Low-Key Activities Now Count As Exercise

If you don't like working out like have some good news for you! The World Health Organization has updated its physical activity guidelines for the first time in a decade. Their new standards remind us that some movement is better than none at all and focus on making movement more accessible to everyone.

Some things the WHO now counts as fitness include:

  • Physical activity while sitting- To be more inclusive of those with disabilities, the WHO now counts activities you do while sitting as movements for your health. So now a chair yoga class totally counts as exercise.
  • Super short bouts of movement- Only feel like dancing it out to one song? That’s still exercising, according to the WHO. Their new standards ditch the requirement that movement needs to be at least 10 minutes to be a workout.
  • Lifting, not just jogging- Think lifting weights isn’t enough of a workout because it doesn’t raise your heart rate like running does? The WHO disagrees. They now recommend weight training sessions twice a week, especially as you get older.
  • Balance exercises- If your favorite online yoga class spends more time staying upright in tree pose than physically moving around, it’s good with the WHO. Their new guidelines “count” exercises that emphasize balance as important parts of fitness, particularly for older folks.
  • Leisurely walks- No need to race around speed walking with your hand weights, the WHO says a casual stroll or walking part of your commute also counts toward your fitness levels.