Meet Saron!

What's up everyone, allow me to introduce myself as the newest team member of the Kane show! I like things short, simple, and straight to the point so let's get to it.

Everyone knows me as Saron, but to my close friends and family, I'm Saru. I'm the oldest sibling to my twin sisters, and I come from an Ethiopian family, fun fact: I was actually born in India and I am completely obsessed with Elephants.

In my free time, I love being outdoors, hanging with friends and watching some horrible reality TV. I also love anything Drake and Kentucky Related, and when I’m not thinking about my next tattoo, I’m online shopping for my next cute fit.

I am so excited to finally venture into the radio world, it’s so funny and ironic how life works in full circle. I always wanted to be an on-air personality and used to host a radio show way back when but took a different route after college. For now, I am a producer/ intern and eventually will be blasting through your speakers, until then you can follow me on Instagram



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