Tanya Rad Shares The Nickname Her Boyfriend Gave Her and LOL

Tanya Rad shared that her boyfriend has a nickname for her and we now have questions 😂 Tanya shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie on-air on Wednesday, March 25, that she calls her boyfriend “babe” and that saying “babe” now after years of being single feels weird.

“It’s so weird to say when you haven’t said ‘babe’ in seven years,” she hilariously admitted. “It’s very rusty.”

Seacrest then asked if they have any other nicknames for each other.

“He calls me ‘babe’ [too and] he calls me T-Rub,” Tanya added, to everyone’s confusion and amusement. “It’s an inside joke. It’s not what you think. Have you heard of the thing that’s called ‘the rub?’” Tanya added. “[Like] when you want to do two different things? … He’s tried to explain that to me multiple times and I still don’t know what it means so that’s one of my nicknames.”

While we’re still confused, we’re so onboard with this relationship we’ll accept it.

Listen back to the LOL on-air moment in the audio above.

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