Cardi B Does This One Thing You Can Do As Well To Help Reach Your Goals


Cardi B is one of Entertainment Weekly's "Entertainers of The Year." Her album Invasion of Privacy is on SO many lists for best album of 2018 and she had a BABY. Therefore, I don't think anyone can argue that 2018 was a pretty solid year for my girl Cardi, OKUUURRRRR!

So, I was reading her article in EW and one thing stood out to me in a BIG way. Listen to this quote, "I'm looking forward to doing anything and everything that I could possibly take on." Says Cardi, who's started a vision board of future goals. "The only that'll stop me right now is time."

You hear THAT! Cardi is a vision board girl! It actually encouraged me to look back on my 2018 vision board. I had a picture of Oprah on mine, remember the mega-celeb I happened to BEAT for a People's Choice Award. How crazy? If this story and Cardi making them too doesn't convince you it's time to start making one, I don't know what will.


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