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Let's Help Our DMV Teachers #ClearTheList!!!

It's that time of year where teachers are starting to share their Amazon Wish Lists to help fill their classrooms with necessary supplies. Instead of having our teacher (Who do not get paid nearly enough) pay for these supplies out of pocket, let's help them fill their classrooms and #ClearTheList!!

Here are some Amazon wish lists from our DMV teachers. <3

Mrs. S's 1st Grade Class: 

Christina Lovasz (Special Education teacher in Loudoun County):

Cassandra Crisostomo's Classroom Wish List:

Ms Mathiesen's Class:

Mrs. Smith 3rd Grade Wish List:

Mrs. Dreher’s Classroom Wish List:

Mrs. Buffano's Classroom Wish List: 

Kindergarten Teacher:

Ms. Castellanos’ Wish List:

Elementary School counselor: 

Autism Program Classroom:

Melanie Scott's Classroom Wish List:

Miss. A. Balderas’ Wish List:

Infants and toddlers:

Seño Salvadores's Spanish class:

Ms. Janelle's Classroom Wish List:

3rd and 4th grade ELA/Science at a Title I, urban school:

Stephanie’s Classroom List:

Gifted Education teacher:

Mr.s Thomasson's School Wish List:

PreK teacher in Baltimore City public schools:

16th year teacher:

Ms. Chelsea’s K-1 Autism Classroom:

Rainbow alliance (middle school): 

Miss Gomez's Wish List: 

Ms. Vadala's Kindergarten Wish List:

School Wish List:

Ortega's 2nd Grade Class: 

Mr. Kurtz's Class Wishlist:

Stephanie's Class Wish List: 

Ms. Stiles (2nd Grade) Teacher Wish List:

Angela's Classroom List: 

Mrs. Hawkins' List: 

Classroom list: 

Erin’s Classroom List: 

Classroom list: 

Breanna Peterson - special needs Classroom List: 

Ms. U - 23-24 school year wishlist- Special Education teacher in Carroll County: 

Heather’s Pre-K Class Wish List:

Lindsay's Classroom List:

 Mrs. Cruz’s Classroom List:  

Classroom wish list: 

Mrs. Herbert’s Classroom List: 

Second Grade Wish List: 

Mrs. Khan’s Classroom Wish List: 

Glassman Classroom Wish List:

Ms. Weisenborne’s Classroom Wish List:

Mrs. Windsor’s Kindergarten Wish List:

Linda Hume K-5 Librarian Warrenton, VA: 

Jeffers Classroom Wish List

Kindergarten 2023-2024

Ms. Henderson's Class Wish List:

Taylor Ackerman's Classroom Wish List:

Katie White's Classroom Wish List:

Ms. Rusk's Classroom Wish List:

Caitlyn Price's Classroom Registry: 

Mr. Quinn's Wish List:

Rachel Lyon's 5th Grade Class:  

Corinn Seely's Classroom Wish List:

Christie Lough's Classroom Wish List:

Erin Criss’ Classroom Wish List:

Pre-Kindergarten Class for Students with Autism:

Jessica Barron's Classroom List 

Ms. Krueger's Classroom Wish list: 

Mrs. Clark's Wish List:

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