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5 people Have Been Arrested in the Lady Gaga Dog Napping Case. #Hollywood

FIVE people have been arrested connection to the Lady Gaga Dognapping and shooting her dog walker... including the woman who "found" the dogs.

According to police, three thieves targeted the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, after seeing him with the dogs back in February. They did NOT know they were Gaga's dogs, they just knew that French Bulldogs were worth a lot of money.

They planned on stealing the dogs and selling them for cash... but then the story went viral and Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 reward. So they decided to cash in on it.

The woman they chose to return the dogs was the girlfriend of one of the guy's dad. She was arrested. The dad, was also arrested as an accessory so he must've been in on it too.

T-Pain has been accidentally ignoring celebrity DMs because he didn’t know about Instagram’s request folder. Some of these messages are like 2 years old and he’s JUSt seeing them.

Fergie, Diplo, and Viola Davis were among those trying to contact him.

According to the New York Post, sources say that Justin Bieber and BTS are teaming for a new song!!

So far there’s no word on where or when the song will be released, but there is speculation it “could be part of a deluxe release” of Justin’s latest album “Justice.”

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