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Tom Brady Regrets Throwing the Lombardi Trophy After Super Bowl Win

Tom Brady admits that tossing the Lombardi Trophy after his first Super Bowl win with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was, quote, “not smart."

Tom was on GMA and said, that the parade was “pretty cool” from what he “remembers.” But when it comes to throwing around the Lombardi trophy, he admits there was “not a lot” going on in his mind “at that point."

Taylor Swift dropped another from FROM THE VAULT on Wednesday. Listen to "Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)"

A lot of fans speculate that the song is about her relationship with Joe Jonas. Then Sophie Turner Jonas, Joe's wife, posted that she was listening to the song and said quote "it's not NOT a bop," to which taylor replied “forever bending the knee for the queen of the north.”

We love to see it.

The L.A. County Sheriff has revealed the primary cause of Tiger Woods' accident 2 months ago was speeding. According to the investigation, Tiger was going 84 to 87 mph in a 45 mph zone. His car had a "black box" data recorder, which showed that he was hitting the GAS, and NOT the break.

They said there were "no signs of impairment" . . . but there's still some questions as to whether Tiger was conscious when he crashed.

Officials say it's possible that he inadvertently stepped on the gas INSTEAD of the brake when he realized he was losing control.

And after the report was released, Tiger put out his own statement.

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