Latest Update in Britney Spears' Conservatorship #Hollywood

Taylor Swift released her re-recorded version of the song "Love Story” (TAYLORS VERSION)

And the re-recorded version of "Fearless", the album it was on, is coming April 9th. It'll have 26 tracks, including six previously unreleased songs. 

Britney Spears’ lawyers were in court yesterday in regards to her conservatorship— Britney’s dad Jamie is doing everything he can to retain FULL control of her conservatorship, and for now, he still has some of it…but he isn’t sole conservator. A Judge sided with Britney Spears lawyers ruling that a third-party, Bessemer Trust, would have equal power as Jamie and will serve as a co-conservator over Spears’ estate. 

Britney’s lawyers have called for the removal of Jamie from the conservatorship so that Bessemer Trust as her sole conservator but the judge in the case denied the request, and let things stand the way they are

The parties are due back in court for another hearing next month.