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#Hollywood- Taylor Donates $15,500 to Help a Fan's Mom.

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Ariana Grande  is going on tour and it might be SOON.  A fan asked if there was “any news about sweetener tour?” 

She tweeted “i’m ready -- my heart needs it actually finalizing a few more things but i’m tryna get em dates to u asap” 

It seems like that tweet was deleted though. 

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Chris Hemsworth recently picked up a hitchhiker. He saw he was going to Brisbane and he lives there so he stopped and  picked him up in the car he was in w/ his friend Luke…. BUT THEN TOOK HIM TO HIS HELICOPTER…. The whole thing was recorded on video and posted to his Instagram 

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Taylor donates $15,500 to help 19-year-old whose mom has been in a coma for three years. The fan, Sadie, said that her dad takes care of her mom & is unable to work so her she & her brother provide for the family, but they’re in trouble and shared a go fund me page. 

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Rihanna has reportedly responded to Drake’s confession that he wished he’d started a family with Rihanna on HBO’s “The Shop”. 

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Cardi B recently did an ASMR video for W Magazine. 

ASMR stands for, autonomous sensory meridian response. The videos are supposed to help you relax or sleep and are usually people talking in a whisper or a soothing tone. 

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