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#Hollywood- Anna Kendrick Lied About Birthday Plans So She Could Stay Home.

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Let me start this off by saying he’s UNINJURED, but according to reports Post Malone was involved in a serious car crash early this morning in West Hollywood. His Rolls Royce crashed into a Kia and then smashed through a fence. His assistant was driving. He’s uninjured, but both cars are totaled. 

There was no alcohol was involved in the crash.

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 Simpson’s producer Matt Selman just noticed a continuity error is season 6 the episode where Marge is Pregnant with maggie. 

Other's then pointed out that’s not the only error in the episode.

A flashback shows Homer reacting to Marge being pregnant with Bart, then with Lisa. When he runs off he passes a framed photo of what looks like Lisa in a pink hat.

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Anna Kendrick was on Ellen to promote her new movie A Simple Favro & Ellen wanted to do a Favor exchange. You know you I’ll do you a favor if you do me one. So Anna wanted Ellen to take over her twitter. and Ellen wanted her to RAP. So here’s a snippet of her rap skills. 

OH and she shared the most relatable story! Anna celebrated her 33rd birthday and her BFF's (the cast of Pitch Perfect) wanted to celebrate with her. She's not a huge fan of get togethers OR celebrating her own birthday, so she lied and told them she was in Canada. She was actually at home organizing her sock drawer. But she did says “I ordered a cake for myself. I’m not a monster.” 

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Beyoncé celebrated her 37th birthday by reflecting on her past year in a sweet Instgram post.

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Burt Reynolds passed away after suffering a heart attack yesterday.  He was 82.    He was supposed to be in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Charles Manson movie, but he hadn't filmed his scenes yet.

A lot celebrities shared their condolences

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