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#Hollywood- Ariana Grande's Engagement ring is worth nearly $100,000

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Kim Kardashian is trying to get Twitter to add an 'Edit' button.  

 She says she talked to CEO Jack Dorsey about it, and he "really heard her out."  Dorsey joked about the conversation. . . but hasn't said whether or not it's happening.

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Ariana Grande’s engagement ring is reportedly worth nearly $100,000  and was custom made. It’s over 3 carats and sources say he picked it up last month and it took two weeks to make… which means he bought this like right when they started dating. 

And idk how she went so long with no one realizing she was wearing this thing— there’s a picture of her w/ the selfie kid from Wango Tango & she’s wearing it and that was June 2nd. 

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Twitter yesterday, Kanye West said that Deadpool 2 (kinda) stole his sound and Ryan Reynolds had the ULTIMATE response. 

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James Corden v. Ashton Kutcher. 


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