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#Hollywood- Taylor Swift Sent a Sweet Surprise for a couple's Wedding Day!

Taylor Swift made one fan's wedding day even more special by sending along a handwritten note and a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne. 

The couple had two taylor songs play -  “Welcome to New York” as they entered their reception and “Love Story” for their first dance. 

When the couple arrived to their venue they found the bottle of champagne along with a not from Taylor that read, “Rumor has it you might be using my song in your wedding celebration which makes me so happy!” she wrote. “Here’s to this amazing day of your continuing love story. Love, Taylor.”

Taylor knew about their big day, because a groomsman who works at an event planning company heard she was looking for a wedding to crash. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it. 

On "Dr. Phil" yesterday, Demi Lovato  talked about her depression, having suicidal thoughts at 7 and bipolar disorder which all lead to drug and alcohol addiction and cutting. 

 Although Demi has been sober for six years, she admits that she still has an “everlasting addiction” to food, noting that her eating disorder “is something that I deal with on a daily basis.” She adds, "But I'm growing, and I'm in a really good place today." 

A kid threw a "Stranger Things" birthday party,  This party looked awesome— there was a "Stranger Things" cake, a 'Happy Birthday' message with Christmas lights hung on the wall, 'Demogorgon' blood punch, and a TON of food.

but NONE of his friends showed up— So his sister took to twitter and 

So Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven)  and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) A sent him some love on Twitter, and said they wanted invites next year.

"Black Panther" just passed "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" to become the most-tweeted movie ever, with 35 million Tweets.  The one that got the most re-Tweets was actually KENDRICK LAMAR's soundtrack announcement. (source: The Wrap

They’ve also got the top hashtags with #BlackPanther and #WakandaForever.

There was one New Year's Eve a few years ago where Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson took their shenanigans too far and made Adam Levine cry.

He tells the story to Jimmy Fallon in the video below (Story starts about 5 minutes in) 

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