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#Hollywood- Demi Lovato is SIX YEARS Sober!!

Congratulations to Demi Lovato! she has officially spent six years without drugs and alcohol today! 

The presale for Beyoncé and JAY-Z's On the Run 2 Tour started yesterday, and Ticketmaster could NOT HANDLE IT. The website crashed and fans are FURIOUS. 

Many fans had their credit cards on deck ready to purchase at the start time, but the site kept crashing. 

However,  Scalpers were able to get their tickets and they posted to resell them immediately, obviousl jacking up prices.

A lot of people are mad at Katy Perry because she kissed a 19-year-old "American Idol” contestant. He said he’s never been kissed.  Katy had him come over to the judges' table, where she asked him to kiss her on the cheek.  But as he went in, she turned her head and kissed him ON THE LIPS.

He says he wanted to save it for his first relationship. He was recently interviewed and said, Benjamin says he doesn't consider it harassment but if she would've asked first, he would've said NO.

Even though Cardi B has denied being pregnant, sources close to her says that she’s due in the first week of July, and she will STILL be performing at Coachella next month. 

But she’s in total work mode- she’s spent the last 2 weeks in the studio completing her album, and she’s still planning on touring with bruno which kicks off two months after her “due date.” 

A report that MTV was canceling "TRL" turned out NOT to be true.  In fact, they're expanding it to THREE shows, by adding a morning version and a nighttime "after-show" edition!!

MTV says that in addition to the afternoon show, they're developing a morning version, which will sort of be like a, quote, "curated Spotify playlist" . . . as well as a nighttime "after-show" edition, which has already aired a few test episodes.

 "TRL" is currently on a pre-planned hiatus, but it'll be back in April.  The morning show will debut in the summer, and that's also when the night show will really get going.

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