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How Peanut Butter Changed Doggy Bath Time.

Is giving your pup a struggle like it is for me?? I tried the waterless spray, wipes, hose attachments, kiddie pools but nothing really worked. UNTIL NOW.

A little back story: 

Sadie (pictured below) is a rescue. When she was found she weighed 33 pounds and had just given birth to six puppies. For reference she weighs a healthy 55 (ish) pounds now. (Thank you Humane Society of Tampa Bay for saving & introducing me to my best friend 3 years ago) 

Sadie LOVES to roll around in the grass & dirt, buuuut She HATES baths. Since she's a rescue, I don't really know much about her history with water, but I know she's not a fan. She always tries to climb out of the tub & I struggle to keep her in. 

I mentioned on the Kane Show about how i have a hard time giving her a bath & received a text with a life changing hack. Seriously, this has changed my life. So what's the hack?? 


You put some peanut butter on the wall & boom. It's a distraction and a nice little treat for behaving in the tub. I tried this today and holy hell bath time was like night and day. 

Give it a try the next time you have to give your dog a bath & let me know how it works!  And to the person that texted that tip in, THANK YOU. 

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