The surprise guest artist on the new Foo Fighters album,"Concrete and Gold,is Justin Timberlake. Dave Grohl says they were hanging out, and Justin asked if he could have a little cameo.  So, he worked something out. 

Justin sings on the album's title track, and Paul McCartney plays drums on a track called "Sunday Rain".

Gucci Mane is going to have a MILLION DOLLAR WEDDING this fall.  Even the invitations cost $1,000 each, thanks to the Swarovski crystals inside.  He invited 100 people, but he only sent out 50 of the expensive invites . . . but still, that's 50-grand. 

Pink gave a very inspirational speech directed at her daughter Willow as she accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs, but apparently the little girl wasn’t at all impressed by any of it. 

One of Usher’s accusers in the ongoing herpes sex scandal got caught in a lie. Quantasia Sharpton – who reportedly had sex with the singer in her hotel room and caught his STD – alleged during a recent interview that she taped their love making session. Even though she claimed that Usher was down with it, she's now backtracking from the story. 

Sharpton’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, admitted that there was no sex tape. Bloom reportedly claims her client had a “misunderstanding,” which some are speculating “misunderstanding” is code for she had no idea her client did the interview. BUT, even though sex tape was never made, Bloom believes the two may have been caught on the hotel's surveillance cameras.

ABC announced the new Bachelor on Good Morning America and the reactions since have been mixed. Arie Luyendyk Jr., from Emily Maynard's season back in 2012 in the new Bachelor!